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With the addition of a little fun, the students will be able to learn quicker.  A little pinch of ‘awesomeness’ element embeds the lesson into the students’ minds, making it easier for them to understand and picture the lesson well.

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    Electroplating is a form of electrolysis. Using electricity, students coat the metal of one electrode with another metal.

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    Students were given the opportunity to perform a dissection on the organ as a visual aid to promote further understanding of the biology of the organ.

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    Creative Presentation

    Creative presentation using modelling clay to create different shapes that represent the anatomy of a cell to gain a perception of what the inside of a cell looks like.

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    Flaming Hands Experiment

    By adding butane gas to dishwashing liquid and then setting the foam on fire, the butane gas trapped in the dishwashing liquid will allow the students to be able to ‘hold’ fire for a short moment without injuring themselves.

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    Color on Memory Performance

    A lesson is made easier with the help of drawings and illustrations as visual precedes other senses in human minds. With different colors used, it is a painless routine to memorize the notes.

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    Fire Snake Experiment

    Baking soda, when heated, produces carbon dioxide which creates pressure and pushes the carbonate in the sugar out causing a ‘black snake’ to emerge.

“Well-designed visuals do more than provide information; they bring order to the conversation.” ― Dale Ludwig and Greg Owen-Boger

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