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Dr Jac
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
Recruited to Singapore to practice as doctor and choosing her medical specialty soon.

Min Zhuo
Actuarial Science
He is very skillful in mathematics and currently an Actuary based in Hong Kong as an expatriate.

Ms Liau
Bachelor of Bio-Genetics
Currently she is based in Taiwan to continue her research and complete her pHD under full scholarship from the Taiwan government

Ms Cathlyn
Actuarial Science & Finance
She is now residing in United States of America and working as an Actuary.

Mr Dawson
A student in the University of Nottingham

Hwei Ling
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance
Studied in Sunway University

Mr Lyn
Studied in University of Nottingham

Ms Joyce
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance
Studied in Sunway University

Ms Soo
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance
Studied and graduated from Sunway University

Mr Ben
Studying in Monash University

Ms Soo
Accounting & Finance
Student of Sunway University

Mr Hwan
Studied and graduated from Monash University

“Action is the fundamental key to success.” – Pablo Picasso

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