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Your enquiry regarding enrolment for new students is important to us therefore please contact our Vice Principals for more information regarding admission.

School Visit & Appointment

  • Kindly contact us for an appointment and to schedule a visit to our homeschool.
  • Our friendly Vice Principal will arrange a personalized discussion for your family and plan the most suitable subjects for your children.


  • During the 1st visit to the school, please bring along latest school reports and examination papers which will be closely scrutinised.
  • Parents often bring their children on 1st visiting day and take the opportunity to meet key person and ask questions.
  • Applicants might be invited in by the Vice Principal for assessment.
  • Assessments are carefully structured to the age and learning level of the candidates and taken into account of educational background.
  • Euler is looking for signs of promising academic potential and the child matches our education programmes.
  • Detailed assessments are offered by subject teachers in class depending on the student situation.
  • The assessments are processed as quickly as possible.

The Outcome

After thorough consideration of all the available information, we will either:

  • Offer an unconditional place in the school to the applicant; or
  • Offer a conditional place in the school with certain conditions attached. In most cases, English and Mathematics as an extra subjects; or
  • Offer to be listed on the waiting list; or
  • Advise that the applicant would not, on the evidence available, gain educational benefit from studying at our school.

The outcome is sent via mobile text to parents or a phone call from the Vice Principal.

The Registration

  • Successful candidates are invited to register at the school of their choice.
  • A registration form is required for each applicant to the school.
  • Completed registration forms should be submitted to the Vice Principal together with the first payable amount of fee in the form of cash, a cheque or bank transfer (account details available on request)
  • Registration cannot be processed until the above procedure is completed.